Legends of Magic Cinematic Song
Twilight's Star Classical Song

2016 Submissions

Aurora Theory (Preview) Miscellaneous Song
Snowflower New Wave Song
The Piano And The Cello Classical Song
Starstruck Drum N Bass Song
Aurora Theory [Redux] Techno Song
Orion Ambient Song
Salmagundi Techno Song

2015 Submissions

Avast Your Ass [Remix] Techno Song
Nuetronium Techno Song
Tantabus Cinematic Song
Improvisation No.4 Solo Instrument Song
Magnetar Techno Song
Corona Cinematic Song
Europa Techno Song
Improvisation No.3 Solo Instrument Song
Epic Magic Transfer Scene Cinematic Song
Study in D# Minor Classical Song
73 Idea Mashup Miscellaneous Song
Forgotten Classical Song
Fall From Grace (Part 1) Cinematic Song
Improvisation No.2 Classical Song
Improvisation No.1 Classical Song
Spiral Nebula Ambient Song
Ludum Dare 22 Video Game Song
Next Year Classical Song

2012 Submissions

Cosminox Drum N Bass Song
Semifinals Drum N Bass Song
At The Nationals Miscellaneous Song
Tidal Forces (NG Mix) Trance Song
Giant Flaming Wall of Doom Video Game Song
[HP] Artificial Nature Video Game Loop
The Cloud River Ambient Song
~BH~ Far From Home [Live] Classical Song
~BH~ Pneumatic Flute Ambient Song
Birefringence Video Game Song
SC2 Crescent idea5 Video Game Loop
Music for the Undead [Remix] Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ The Last Dead Angel Video Game Song
Tendril Techno Song
Lion King [Remix] Classical Loop
Soar [Original Mix] Trance Song
Dream Among The Stars Trance Song
Shield Breaker Video Game Loop
Critical Damage (Extended Mix) Drum N Bass Song
~BH~ DioSynth Techno Song
Littlefoot Classical Song
~BH~ Aurora Theory Techno Song
~BH~ Two Heroes Village Video Game Song
Super Mega Hyper Idea Mashup Miscellaneous Song
Idea 211 Classical Song
System Flux Techno Loop
~BH~ Summer Breeze Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ Unnamed Project Techno Song
~BH~ SunStorm Techno Song
The Great PanPipe Ensemble rmx Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ Crystalline Cloudscape Trance Song
All We Want [WIP] New Wave Song
DBZ Vegeta's Theme [Remix] Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ Sapphire [Redux] Techno Song
~BH~ Alutia Trance Song
~BH~ Now Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ Gravitation Techno Song
idea 182 Classical Song
~BH~ The Plea Trance Song
~BH~ Absolutia Techno Song
Idea #108 Techno Loop
Menu/Exploration loop Video Game Loop
~BH~ DarkTide Trance Song
Pointless Piano Classical Loop
~BH~ True Insanity Video Game Song
~BH~ Seaside Lookout Ambient Song
~BH~ Tears Aflame Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ Duress Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ 0² (Zero Two) [Remix] Video Game Song
~BH~ The Boundless Sea Ambient Song
~BH~ Renascent Techno Song
~BH~ On The Edge Techno Song
~BH~ Lugia's Song [Arranged] Classical Song
Pokemon: Legendary Presence Video Game Loop
~BH~ Black Horizon Techno Song
~BH~ Tail Note Classical Song
~BH~ The Rain Never Stops Classical Song
~BH~ Cell Potential Video Game Song
~BH~ Temperature Of Loneliness Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ Hypergiant Techno Song
Lagomorphic Techno Song
~BH~ Risuko's Tears Classical Song
Blue Bass Techno Song
~BH~ Everything Burns Miscellaneous Song
Retarded Windows Song Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ The Dark Temple Video Game Song
~BH~ Battle Theme #1 Video Game Song
~BH~ Hell's Maw Techno Song
~BH~ Cloud Skating Trance Song
~BH~ Through The Snowfall Video Game Song
Spirit of a Champion Video Game Song
A Torn Leaf Trance Song
Two Heroes Fan Music Miscellaneous Song
Blue Oasis New Wave Song
Pachi Pachi & Rose New Wave Song
Calestria New Wave Song
If Nothing Mattered Miscellaneous Song
Small and Brave Miscellaneous Song
Morrowind Title Theme (Remix) Classical Song
If A Dream Came True Video Game Song
Inner Collapse Trance Song
Lost in the Storm New Wave Song
Limit Techno Song
Always to the Horizon Classical Song
Arrow Up Five New Wave Song
Your Lonely Stars New Wave Song
Reckoning Trance Song