MIS Stereo Piano Soundfont

2008-08-08 06:04:02 by Blackhole12

A while ago I created the MIS Stereo Piano DirectWave samplepack. Unfortunately, not everyone has directwave, so its usefulness was limited.

I found Vienna studio (which sucks fucking balls and I'm never using again) and created a soundfont using those samples; however, they were downgraded from IEEE 32-bit to PCM 16-bit, and while I couldn't hear a difference, it is possible that systems with high fidelity equipment will experience a slight decrease in quality. So, if you do not have DirectWave, the soundfont is now available, although the directwave zip comes with all the original (32-bit) wav files, should anyone want to do something with them.

I also inverted the panning because that's been bugging me for a long time :P

MIS Stereo Piano (sf)


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MIS Stereo Piano Soundfont


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