I'm Popular!

2009-12-03 23:09:12 by Blackhole12

How do I know? Because iZone stole 6 of my songs, without even bothering to rename them. It all started when a friend of mine pointed out that someone had stolen Retarded Windows Song, which eventually led me to a guy giving out his e-mail so he can use The Dark Temple in his game.

That was the most fun I've ever had writing an e-mail.

I reported him, but not before taking this screenshot.


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2009-12-04 00:29:50

You really shouldnt have to have people steal from you to consider yourself popular (lol). Still I suppose it is good people want to take credit for something you made.

Blackhole12 responds:

It's a joke, dude :P


2009-12-04 10:26:27

Ha lol XD, great job on that review :D. I told you you're good at naming songs :P. So good that the people stealing them can't resist keeping the name as it is XD.

I'm sure you had fun writing that email :D. I like writing emails to people who use my songs without permission/steal them (luckily that only happened once...) like this:

So, first I start very formally with a Dear Sir/Madam and use as many four and five syllable words as possible, and then at the end, when I come to write Yours Truly, I do this:

Yours Truly... Wait, sorry, it wasn't yours X(.

then I do a P.S. and offend his mum XD.

Blackhole12 responds:

Well see in this case it was a guy wanting to use my song but asked the wrong person xD


2009-12-04 19:13:44

Good to see you were stolen from.

Blackhole12 responds:



2009-12-05 01:14:35

Aww that sucks, but check it out, *his* songs got removed. =P

Blackhole12 responds:

Yep :D


2009-12-05 01:58:23

darc shadow, how does that suck? He caught the theif and being stolen from means that people actually think it is good.

Blackhole12 responds:

Whether or not it sucks is rather subjective


2009-12-05 10:46:40

lol. awesome ss :D

Blackhole12 responds:

lawlz thanks xD


2009-12-05 21:34:08

Being stolen from use to be bad, what world do i live in now. 0.o

Blackhole12 responds:

Well arguably in this case me being stolen from was simply hilarious, and it gave me lots of free publicity :D


2009-12-07 12:55:36

Ah, ok, i guess it was good for some lulz.


2009-12-09 05:43:14

Well, you have to be good/popular to be stolen from in the first place, so I guess it's some form of proof. =P


2009-12-12 04:57:41

haha XD the screen shot is halarious XD

Blackhole12 responds:



2009-12-12 17:24:58

O ma Jezusness! Wat a retard....LOL

Blackhole12 responds:



2010-01-10 11:49:40

Lol what a character
wat songs did he put up of yours?
are they on your profile? I'd love to hear them :D

& lol nice screenshot :P