The Real DJ-Immune

2010-01-18 07:04:43 by Blackhole12

Using information I gleaned from DJ-immune, I have succeeded in hunting down the original sources of some of the best songs that were submitted.

Crisis (Pt. 3): Substance N Trance -Part I- Rising Sun - SlayersFiction
Gate: Gate To Heaven - Dreameye <-- This was made with FL Studio 7. Check the comments for all the VSTs and samplepacks that were used.
Above The Clouds: Endless Horizon - SlayersFiction
Oversea: at the end of the day (extended-mix) - Samur Wilkenset
Zenon: Liquid Green (Acid Club Mix) - Canna Twins
Evolved: Changing Lights - Agamemnon Project (Link is a rework, not the original that Immune submitted)
EC - It's a Dream (-Imm-Remix): It's a dream (Pattraxx Remix) - Pattraxx
Thunder: Nightvision - Seismograph (Thunderstriker's Earthquake Remix) - Thunderstriker
Reliant: Strong but Vulnerable [TRANCE] [EXT] - SlayersFiction
Swift: Strong but Vulnerable (Substance N Trance Edit) - SlayersFiction
Crusade: Infinity (original 2004 club mix) - Illitheas
Thumper: Inexpressible - Illitheas
Identity: Always And Forever - Devin Hill

Crisis was probably made by The Agamemnon Project due to striking similarities to Changing Lights, but I can't find it. The "style" of DJ-Immune was largely a combination of The Agamemnon Project and SlayersFiction for the techno songs, and basically all his piano songs were ripped from Simon Daum. Simon Daum, however, has a LOT of songs, so just go look up his music for yourself, I can't be bothered to find the exact matches. Freedom is probably one of his best.

Now we can all listen to the music LEGALLY! Hooray!


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2010-01-18 09:28:41


Blackhole12 responds:

no problem :3


2010-02-03 19:57:33

Nicely done!


Also, I am sincerely glad you decided to stay after those many months ago... (I forgot my Dr1zzt account's password, same with the e-mail)...


Html doesn't work for emotions :s

Blackhole12 responds:

I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, unless your referring to one of my emo news posts.


2010-02-04 14:38:15

Someone is REALLY after you, or you just happen to be a random target. Someone is spamming your forums again. D:

Blackhole12 responds:

Fixed. This problem must be a security problem in SMF that is unresolved, as I have all the settings set to maximum and updated everything. I'm hoping SMF 2.0 will be released soon as it will likely address those issues. For right now its a minor annoyance that wastes about 3 minutes of my time.


2010-05-20 10:52:22

Heh, I wasn't on NG long enough to hear any of DJ-Immune's songs (well I suppose they weren't his but whatever), although by what I'm hearing they sound amazing O.O.


2011-05-04 16:21:41

I suppose it mattered to many that Immune was a fraud, and while it did sting for me when it was revealed, I couldn't really condemn him. With one hand he forged his identity here, and with another he shared many, many great tracks to a very avid audience.

I was privileged to download and store several songs when they were still up for grabs. and while this thread, topic, and faux-DJ may be old news by now, to anyone interested I'd be glad to share them. I have no online database to store the music on, but I'd be fine with e-mailing .rar files.

My selection includes (DJ Immune song names, not "originals"):
<Under the DJ Immune tag>
Above The Clouds
Back 2 Basics
Chants & Praising
Delightful Sin 2
Dreamland on X [Remix]
East Clubbers - It's a Dream [Immune Remix]
Give me a Future
Holy Plains
Nut Dreams
NYLM (Demo)
Spirits [Radio Edit]
The Immune System
The Third Soniciral
Unleash The Chains
We Are The New Generation

<Under the -Imm- tag>
Between Worlds
Crisis (Original Mix)
Crisis Pt. 2
Crisis Pt. 3
Gate [Total Rework Mix]
Gift Wrapped
Out Of This World
Zenon [GOA Mix]

To anyone who wishes to have any of these, I'd be glad to send them to you.


2011-10-21 03:29:04

Just an update to my previous post. I've had some people ask about the DJ Immune tracks, and I've managed to upload all I have to an online database. You'll find everything I downloaded him his audio page on here. ky ri



2016-12-29 05:12:09

i know that I am way late, but the media fire links aren't working. Does anyone else have this issue?