Bye bye

2010-05-26 02:20:54 by Blackhole12

I finally got a top 5, even if I had to hide the song in Latin to prevent it from being zero bombed to infinity. I won a contest, got frontpaged, made the top 30 list, pissed everyone off in the process, inadvertently started 2 or 3 forum flamewars, and probably have made myself look like a giant idiot several times over.

Time for greener pastures! I also use SoundCloud as a dumping ground for ideas.

I have a twitter if you're into that.

Bye bye


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2010-05-26 02:29:51

hey, thanks a lot for the free orchestral samples and the detailed sytrus tutorial that you made a couple years ago. they helped immensely!

have fun!!!

Blackhole12 responds:

You are very welcome. I would make more tutorials but sadly time is always against me.


2010-05-26 15:02:26


Blackhole12 responds:

oh be quiet you


2010-06-01 00:16:07

BYE. Do come bach later.


2010-06-01 07:40:25

Yeah, come back later.


2010-06-11 14:45:12

Did you remove Descent Wumpus?

Blackhole12 responds: