Why am I still here

2010-06-13 01:50:40 by Blackhole12

You guys just won't let me leave >C

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to reply to all my reviews. I honestly have better things to do. I will probably upload my next track here soon just to see if I can get weekly top 5 again, but I will probably cease replying to reviews unless there is something of substance to reply to. My priorities keep switching wildly and I'm still wondering if I could get signed or if I even want to get signed.

Meanwhile, I worship this guy:

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2010-06-13 08:01:20

Come on everyone, let's stop him from leaving >:3.


2010-06-15 03:17:53

yaay lets chain him 2 a chair >3 btw awesome music ^^


2010-06-15 19:52:14

I've listened to most of your trance and techno songs... And well...
It's absolutely amazing!
Quite a bit of your tracks can fit in games you know, I should know this for I have played almost every Genre of game (Games = Really fun), your music just tends to awe me and think of moments your music would be perfect in games...

I'd like to say one last thing... I ain't way to familerised with the internet...
But I'd like to know how I can find that music Program-ish thing you use to make your music, for I'd like to give a shot at making music...
Your truly an inspiring music artist....

Blackhole12 responds:

Soar was made with FL studio 9.1, z3ta+, Ogun, 3xosc, a soundfont and a bunch of samples. Ask on the forum about them.


2010-06-15 23:34:06

Dude............My email account got hacked..............just thought I'd let you know. If you get any wierd email's from me, delete them or ignore them. Just a heads up.

Blackhole12 responds:

That would explain why you have vanished from MSN. I will keep that in mind.


2010-06-17 01:39:20

why isn't wumpus here anymore?

Blackhole12 responds:

I deleted it because it was stupid.


2010-06-23 08:10:32



2010-06-26 06:24:47

Happy birthday man!


2010-06-26 12:02:16

Darklight you're 3 days late. DO YOU HAVE TO BE LATE IN EVERYTHING??



2010-06-26 12:06:26

I wanted to post earlier just was too busy with exams ;)