Solar Noise - EP Released!

2012-12-07 19:00:43 by Blackhole12

My Solar Noise EP is now available for $3.99 on bandcamp, itunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and a bunch of other online stores I've never even heard of! It has 5 tracks - Solar Noise, Tidal Forces, and 3 alternate mixes, including a remix by my friend Apelsin, who is way better than me (and also mastered the album). Here is the track list:

1. Solar Noise (Original Mix)
2. Solar Noise (Club Mix)
3. Solar Noise (Apelsin Remix)
4. Tidal Forces (Original Mix)
5. Tidal Forces (Club Mix)

For your enjoyment, I have submitted a preview of the album on newgrounds. A full-length preview can be found on youtube, and you may preview each individual track on bandcamp before making a purchase. Note that bandcamp is the only website that I know for sure offers lossless versions of the tracks. If you are a DJ in charge of a radio station, send me a message either on newgrounds, twitter, or by e-mail and I will give you a promo code to download the club mixes for free. If you are interested in a physical CD, tell me! If enough people request CDs I can make a print run of them. As always, thank you for supporting my musical endeavors!

Solar Noise - EP Released!


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2012-12-07 23:42:55

Glad to see you're still around man!

Blackhole12 responds:

Thank you :3


2012-12-08 11:25:27

Very Nice!

Blackhole12 responds:

Thanks |3


2012-12-10 01:17:05

DIdn't know you are graphics programmer. Btw, still sounds too oldschool for me to like it, sorry

Blackhole12 responds:

Graphics programming is my primary interest, music is just something I do to stay sane.

Sorry you don't like it. Maybe I could make better music if I wasn't programming all the time |3


2013-02-26 03:09:33

I don't get how it sounds oldschool lol. It sounds pretty unique to me but then again, it seems like nowadays if it doesn't sound like something you heard, then its shit.

Anyway, i might drop a few dollars for this as this turned out really good! I was blown away by the solar noise song as i remember hearing the wip of that. And how much you changed it. Then once i heard the remix as well, that was like the cherry on top ^3^

5 stars man. Keep doing this if you have more time (and possibly lemme remix something loljk).


2013-05-26 10:51:32

DBZ is so much better than My Fucking Little Pony.

(Updated ) Blackhole12 responds:

http://askhotbloodedpinkie.tumblr .com/post/51504152628/didnt-see-t hat-one-comin-did-ya

Challenge Accepted.