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xKore - Moments xKore - Moments

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oddly addicting

At the start of this song, I was certain I wasn't going to like it very much, but it is very strangely addicting despite the harsh drums. The melody gets into my head really fast, and the rhythm does a superb job of augmenting the effects of that melody. I'm not a fan of the synth breakdown in the middle, but its still effectively done.

The song is strange in that it seems to be suffering from reverse stereo discrepancy - the drums are stereo, but the actual melody isn't, aside from reverb on the bell synth. This may have been stylistic, but its still rather off balance.

The production in this is absolutely superb, although the side chaining seems to be a bit ridiculous and while it's a common stylistic technique, I really think the song would have benefited from a more constant background with less obvious side chaining.


Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


A DnB track with ACTUAL VARIATION IN THE DRUMS! Some of that variation, however, isn't really desirable and sounds kind of silly. At many points in the song there is nothing except the drums, and they don't have a strong enough presence to really pull that off. A lot of the accompaniment seems random and without any real attention to keys or tune.

The ending of the song really starts getting fairly good with some creative use of a sax, but then it randomly cuts off into a drum solo and... the song ends. Unfortunately this is not particularly impressive, and the drums really need to have a stronger presence to pull off such pervasive solos, either that or just add in some ambient background, which would work nicely as well.


Astral Travel Astral Travel

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Creative, but lacking

This is an interesting ambient song with a fairly good landscape, but it's hurt by its dissonant notes that are thrown all over the place. The instrument choice is actually very well done, as is the basic idea, and the pitch bending is very creative. Unfortunately the piano notes are in a completely different key, which is just random, and there isn't enough stuff in the song to really keep it going for 3 whole minutes.

The production could use a bit of improvement, as well as the reverb, which is important in ambient songs like this. The drums are all mono except for a single isolated hat and a ride sample, which is really really weird. They also do not change for the entire duration of the song, and considering the significant part they play in the overall song, this is unacceptable. The vocals are slightly annoying because they're completely incomprehensible and seem random.


eatmeatleet responds:

Ok, I think the score is pretty fair. I used reverb on most of the instruments but didn't abuse because it would sound too obvious

About dissonance. I am stick to using scales only, the piano seemed to fit in there, but I guess I will not do it anymore since you say it was just random. I don't see why vocals are incomprehensible. Maybe they just don't fit to the song name or something

Madness_Ultimacy [Box-Killa] Madness_Ultimacy [Box-Killa]

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

No effort

This entire song is made of two elements. Drums and a cliche'd synth. That's it. That's the ENTIRE FREAKING SONG. What is this, a joke? Not only do you only have a single synth going on with a very random melody, you completely destroy it in random, unnecessary pitch bendings that ruin the entire creepy atmosphere that you were going for in the first place!

Good points: The intro in general, especially 0:20, which is superbly done and really does sound like a stealth track.

Bad points: Everything else. The magical moment at 0:20 is overridden by the fact that its the only redeeming quality of the entire song, which is otherwise just a glorified drum loop with a synth that's been pitch bended and screwed around with to the point of insanity. There is nothing here.


Let the Games Begin [ADM] Let the Games Begin [ADM]

Rated 3 / 5 stars


...but I have to admit, this is extremely well crafted noise. There is no melody whatsoever, the distortion makes the song sound like its raping the speakers, but its still tolerable to listen to, which I consider an impressive feat. When you aren't abusing the limiter to hell and back, the production is very, very well done. Sadly you waste this once the song starts distorting itself into insanity.


djInTheDark responds:

The reason why it is so distorted is because of the time constraints of the contest I had to get it in before I could properly master it. And does a song always have to have a central melody? This is contributed to the time limit because I didn't have enough time to sit down and right one. And also, I don't use a limiter, or compressor. I believe that if you can't control your own levels and values, you leave the song to fate.

Fancy Mike - Hipster Crack Fancy Mike - Hipster Crack

Rated 2 / 5 stars


There's a single melodic line, but other then that, you literally play the same stupid note approximately 200 times over the course of the entire song. the "Song" in this case is a bunch of random FX noises and painful synths. You'd think that'd it follow some sort of regular beat too, but the rhythm is so absurd i can only identify it through the occasional melodic playings.

It sounds like you actually have the ability to make decent music, but its lost in whatever the heck this "thing" that you have submitted is. It's a lot of very strange samples that have been mangled beyond all recognition in some kind of bizzare attempt at making a song that is simply too random for it to make sense. The fact that it's painful to listen to at times does not help.

But hey, the production is good, even if you have totally ridiculous sidechaining. But I think totally ridiculous side-chaining is a part of the genre itself so I'll ignore it.


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Osher - Trantastic Osher - Trantastic

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Even for trance, the intro to this is going overboard a bit. A minute in and its not changing very much anymore, its just the same thing over and over and over and over... Things start getting better once we hit 3 minutes though, and the intro is very impressive.

The production in this is top-notch, and the mixing is sublime. I really like a lot of the creative chord progressions running around in this song, that don't sound like they should work but yet somehow do. After the 3 minute mark you do a really good job of transitioning between elements and keeping the listener interested with variations and new melodies.

At 5 minutes I can hear the faint hints of a really impressive soundscape but you don't seem to elaborate on it, which disappoints me. Either way, we start entering into the outro at about 6 minutes with some really clever hi-hat work that I'm really liking. This whole song has the feel of a professional mix and is probably one of the few songs submitted to this contest that I've actually downloaded. This is extremely well done.

The outro is superbly done and the subtle synth melodies are perfectly executed. The ending is smoothly done and flows perfectly, avoiding the repetitive trap that the intro fell into.


Osher responds:

The intros are a bit difficult to do in progressive trance because in the first minute is suppose to be for the DJs to mix into the song.

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it.

I-Saved-The-World: Some Day I-Saved-The-World: Some Day

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This is not a particularly impressive song. The intro leads the listener to believe that we might be treated to something impressive, but then the song actually starts REMOVING things from what was previously believed to be the intro to the song, and then it just repeats the intro again, runs around with the bas synth and stops. That's not really a song.

The drum line is interesting and creatively done, but the base synth line is really generic and not very interesting to listen to, yet it is a major centerpiece to this song, which makes it really annoying, because all the variation is focused on one of the WEAKEST elements of the song! The single melody that you included might have been really good if it was really utilized, but the bass synth is just random sounding and doesn't really fit a chord progression all that well. There isn't enough atmosphere in this song when the entire song can be summed up with: A bell synth, a bass synth, plus drums. That's it. That's your entire song.

That's just not enough stuff to keep your listener interested, and the cliche'd bass synth does not help matters.


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I-Saved-The-World responds:

Thanks for the review, lots of criticism i can work off of, much appreciated

Mellow Man Mellow Man

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very well done

This is a superbly executed song. It's got a catchy melody, an intro, a breakdown and an outro. Some of the production could use a little work, along with some very questionable use of drums during the quiet part. The synths are very creative, and overall this is a song that has a style all its own and is quite addicting.

I think the beginning synth could use a work since its just a generic saw pad and doesn't lend itself to the excellence that the rest of the song is. That is, until the end, at which point things start getting repetitive. I would also suggest that for the outro, that the drums get filtered out (or just stick in a final melody to finish off the song with). The panning is really good with the synth, but this doesn't transfer over to the drums, which are all completely mono. Some additional atmosphere would probably help the song out as well.

Overall, very good work.


Skela responds:


SR - Sleeperhold -final- SR - Sleeperhold -final-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Repetitive beginning

This song starts out very well, with an addicting atmosphere and a good drum line... and then it doesn't change for a minute. At this point we're treated to a new melody, which also doesn't change for another minute. Then we have a breakdown with some really weird chord processing going on that's a bit too random. When you're processing chords in ways like that you always have to pay attention to the beat so that you are strengthening it as opposed to destroying it.

At the 3 minute mark the song really shows off its incredible atmosphere, which continues into a soft and slow ending. This song is bursting with creativity and clearly shows a large amount of work has gone into it. Sadly, a lot of this is ruined by a lack of good melodic structure and the songs extremely repetitive nature early on.

I think you could benefit from some EQing on several of the instruments, a few of which sound like they're being played from behind a wall due to a lack of high frequencies. The overall production ijavascript:submission_controller.Get ReviewController().SaveReview();s otherwise fairly good. Again, the melody is what's lacking in this song.


SineRider responds:

hey thanks for the honesty. I like these kinds of reviews. I do have to agree with you, I didn't focus on melody too much. I'll have to rework it a bit before I release it on my album :)