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Flying High - Epilogue Flying High - Epilogue

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Look at this: mission.php5?ID=359

That'll help you out on fixing the massive clipping issues on the drums. The piano sample sounds pretty bad too, so I'd suggest either 1. getting a new sample or 2. EQing and putting reverb on the existing one. The strings in this song actually sound very good. It's weird hearing a cringe-worthy piano sample playing along with those wonderful strings in the background.

Outside of the technical details, I love the actual motif playing in this song. It really feels like an ending theme. Unfortunately, the variations you put in (such as 3:20) feel random and out of place. The one at 3:20 actually sounds off key. The melody in general in many places could use a little work, since it sounds kind of like a really good idea that you didn't quite know how to expand on. I'm sorely tempted to do a re-interpretation of this myself.

5:25 was a very nice key change, but the ending would be vastly improved not by a better sample, but simply by echoes and reverb (and of course, some EQ, but the whole song needs that). Either way, very good idea, fair execution, needs some work, so a 7/10


Cosmos8942 responds:

The EQing I completely agree on actually. I realized that there was some horrible clipping going on and I still submitted it originally just to see what people thought. Alas though I've never finished it and likely never will to tell the truth (maybe I'll make up with that by making something that sounds just as epic XD). Oh shutup about the piano sample rofl. I actually have much better now and I'd hit you with that if I thought you weren't right about it :3. Yes the piano sample isn't the greatest and yes I could've done better but I had no choice with this one and my sample I had used originally kept fking with the program I was using. So then I had to downgrade and this is what I got. Its one of the biggest reasons I decided to post this, mostly because I was trying to figure out wtf to do lol. Ah well, whats done is done in this case.

Ugh now I'm just not in the mood to be replying to all of these. Um...hum...yes the song itself is a very good one overall. I simply made it more dramatic with the added percussion and background instruments. It wasn't a easy one to bring about but I think I did a fairly good job overall. Minus, like you said, EQing/mastering/all that other stuff.

Speaking of places that "you couldn't expand on" you should really get all those ideas agoing. Many of them sound like they could be wonderful little shots in the dark. ENOUGH ABOUT YOU XD.

Overall I understand what you are saying and I have already begun to be much more careful with the pieces that I work on now (this was actually done before my Dr. Mario piece). So I guess I'll just have to work a little harder next time and not give in to the constant threat of boredom.


Either way thanks for the review. I find this one fairly insightful overall and I'll be sure to attempt some of the things that you have stated here in the future. Thanks again.

Hypno_Shooter [Box-killa] Hypno_Shooter [Box-killa]

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This song is nothing more then an effect orgy with a repetitive melody and a single chord change. Nothing is going on to carry the song, so it sounds like its in a perpetual intro. Far from being ParagonX9 inspired, it has lackluster synths and cheezy effects and the most ridiculous drumline ever. It's just a snare and a kick.

For this to be anywhere near a PX9 song, you first have to give it some decent drums, and then you need a melody that's actually good. Once you have those two ingrediants, you have to actually CHANGE the song around instead of repeating the same motif for 3 minutes until your listener falls into a coma.

Having more then a piano playing a lot of rapid random notes and a single synth playing a melody that doesn't change throughout the entire 3 minute song would help a lot here. I mean, this is borderline crap. Your only real embellishments are the generic techno sounding synth in the background and random interjections by other instruments, along with some fairly ridiculous effects.

All in all, there are 2 primary issues with this song - it has no harmony, and the drums suck. I would recommend paying attention to the actual song more next time instead of spending your time making effects.


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Box-Killa responds:


Guess ya cant please everyone. :D

Touching Time - F-777 (Prev) Touching Time - F-777 (Prev)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oh god we're all screwed

...for the EP #2 :P

The atmosphere created by this song is uncanny, and the execution is (of course) pristine. And this isn't even the main song chorus, for crying out loud. Personally I dislike the superbass synths used in the later part of the song, but if they work, they work. Maybe some supersaws? I have no idea if you bring those in later in the song so I'm just guessing here. Either way, superb song.


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Solus- Nameless (Cut) Solus- Nameless (Cut)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very well made

I especially like the end, it makes me want to hear the rest of the song :C I am not a fan of the vocal samples though. I feel vocal samples in a track with this much instrumental awesomeness takes away from the track. I would suggest dropping the vocals entirely and focusing on utilizing the melodies you have going here, since they are superb.

SolusLunes responds:

Hmm. To be honest, I think the vocal samples add to it, you'd have to hear what I've got planned for the rest of the track (lulz, but you couldn't, because you can't hear what's inside my head lolololololol)

Absent (Preview 1) Absent (Preview 1)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

More stuff

I feel that the hihat could have brought a lot of improvement to this song if you messed around with it more, espiecally if you took the reverse hihat you used to introduce it and worked part of it into the beat.

The song has the feel of progressive trance, but it either does not build up fast enough or there isn't enough substance to keep the listener particularly interested. The effects are good, but the main synth sounds completely ridiculous. I would recommend either making a better one or layering some effects on it so it doesn't sound so cheesy.

I would also suggest introducing a melody somewhere inside this 2 minute preview, otherwise no one's going to listen far enough in to find it. This song just needs more stuff in general. A synth bassline, for example, would have brought a lot of life to the drumline, which right now sounds like a bunch of FL presets and isn't altogether that good. Once you get into the second half of the song, you introduce a couple of more layers that make it sound halfway decent and i think you might want to consider skipping the intro entirely and just building the drumline off that instead.

Either way, good effort, but probably not going to make it to the top 5.


Jewelz123 responds:

Thanks for the long review dude, all of it has been taken into account :) ive literally spent an hour on it today and thats it so far, so there is much progress to be made, i will experiment with different sounds and see what i can make out of it.

Generic Dance Loop Generic Dance Loop

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Granted I prefer using an actual panflute sample, since IMO it sounds far more epic.

This loop is actually very well made xP

10/10 for lulz

gregaaron89 responds:

Where do you get panflute samples anyway?

And honestly I just threw it together in one afternoon, sloppily mixed and uber compressed it... yet somehow the mix sounds better than some of the serious songs I do that I spend weeks on... also it's the loudest thing I've ever made :P Maybe that's why. YAY COMPRESSION

One Last Chance (WiP/Demo) One Last Chance (WiP/Demo)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I want this song >C

This is seriously amazing. The usage of classical instrumentation to bring out the emotion blends in perfectly with the synths, and the melody is beautiful. Its difficult to critique a demo, but the main portion of the song feels like it needs just a touch more atmosphere. Other then that, this is stuff I would buy if I wasn't broke :P

9/10 - because its so short :C

Hyper-Adrenaline Loop Hyper-Adrenaline Loop

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very loud

The melody in here is fairly good, although in terms of what the song's trying to achieve you might want to put in a few lower notes instead of just having rests in a couple of places. The song seems excessively loud though. This is made really obvious at 0:27 when the song drops off a cliff. This would have worked if you stuck a crash in there (and if your crash wasn't drowned out by the synth), and then slowly faded in the main synth back in. Other then that its fairly good for a loop.


SpliceMan responds:

Thanks for the review!
I admit, it is a LITTLE loud :P
It's still my first loop, so I thank you for the advice.

Katlean prime Katlean prime

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very well done, however...

The main motif in this song is superb and very catchy. Unfortunately you have significant quality problems (most of which have nothing to do with FL studio, trust me), and because this song is designed for a somewhat boring situation, you shouldn't expect a particularly high score on newgrounds. That doesn't necessarily mean its bad though.

I would recommend learning how to EQ your instruments, as it will greatly improve your sound quality. I would also try to put in must more panning usage and stereo seperation.

On the song, I think that you have a very catchy idea here but you keep raping it with that horrible dissonance. Sure its a funeral home, we get that, the main idea conveys that instantly, you don't have to ruin it with dissonance just to try and get the point across! It doesn't sound creepy, it sounds _bad_.

Other then that though, the actual idea you came up with here is really awesome.

5/5 cuz the songs rated so ridiculously low

P.S. Your topic on the BBS is probably going to get locked,

Calamaistr responds:

Yea its locked now but i dont mind that much about it, you people have swayed my opinion in a heartbeat by your well thought reviews, i understand everything you people are saying but i dont hink i need a EQ since i just learned that its possible to load multiple instruments into the same pattern of FL, ill be working in fl again i guess, not because i cant get anywhere without its modern quality or anything but because i want to see what i can do with it. I always got something to fall back to anyway.


Kw- Dark Caves (FB) Kw- Dark Caves (FB)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love Descent :)

I think this would fit in very nicely in a descent style atmosphere, but IMO if you brought in some slow drums a lot earlier in the track it'd fit a little better. Most of the game is spent blowing things up, not wandering around a wasteland, so if I were trying to do a descent song i'd keep much more focus on the percussion in general (which was one of the main things that made descent 3's music so unique). Also I've noticed that descent music used a significant amount of pitch bending and resonance, even in the percussion, which was largely absent here. Still, a very nice work.


Kaizerwolf responds:

Cool, thanks! :) I largely based this off of Descent 3 Level 4 and level 14, that real ambient music. I figured this would be good for exploring a cave or a destroyed military base or something. :P

Thanks for the review!