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3 Souls Traverse the Forest 3 Souls Traverse the Forest

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Poor mixing, good melody

Unfortunately the FX in here is too loud and is very distracting from the main song. The instrument volume balance is off as well, and I think the song would have been much improved with some real dynamics to the instruments.

The melody is nice, but some of the variations get boring, and some of them sound almost out of key, which is not good. There's a lot of tension in the conflicting notes in this song due to the conflicting chords that are used. You get marks for creativity though, and the general idea of the song is at least decent. Unfortunately the song starts out really nice with the flute and then dissolves into a bunch of melodic variations with little instrument change.

The song's close to getting the idea across, but it keeps forgetting what it's trying to do. The feelings are inconsistent and it doesn't have a real solid idea to do it. You also have some very bizarre panning choices - did you try mixing this with headphones at any point? It's mostly the violin.


)Structured Chaos( )Structured Chaos(

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Well at least it attempts a melody

The bassline is not very imaginative, the drums are very samey throughout the song, although they were at least slightly decent at the beginning before dissolving into a giant mess. I am actually impressed by some of the guitar effects done in the early part of the song, which do appear to have melodic structure to them. Sadly, while I was hoping the song was off to a good start, at the first minute mark it sounds like you have no idea what your doing, and the whole thing is terribly amateur.

After this, things just start getting worse and worse and worse, as the guitar that was once melodic is now an offtune dying sound. The drums are also extremely questionable. All your drummer is doing is hitting a hit hat and then randomly hitting a snare drum. That's it. For almost 2 entire minutes. Meanwhile the guitar has been so incredibly distorted its barely even identifiable as a guitar.

Bad idea for an ending. It was a bad idea for an intro to start with, and to END the song on that kind of a breakdown makes it even worse. Since you just had a relatively slow section in the middle, you'd want to at least climax the song instead of letting it die. As a side note, you don't sound like you know how to play the guitar well... but at least you didn't overcompress everything to the point of absurdity.


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Kirbyfemur responds:

I would have probably gotten more out of a review that just said "Sucks" than this. There was nothing honestly helpful about this. I'm glad you can point out that I'm terrible at the guitar, that REALLY helps me learn more and build upon my musical knowledge. (Feel that sarcasm)

Also where are you hearing this random snare, no where in the song does the drum part hit random noes. Maybe a lot of off beats, but not random.

Where you trying to help me, or just point out the bad parts? You've pointed out some parts that are bad, but then don't really say anything useful. Same goes for the decent to good parts. And i've noticed this on some of your other reviews.

So please, next time you review something, try to actually help rather than just give an elaborate version of a "This sucks" Or "Oh I like this" review.

Deathmatch (Updated again) Deathmatch (Updated again)

Rated 1 / 5 stars


This is a piece of crap. I'm sorry, it just is. I've heard decent heavy metal, and it usually does actually have some semblance of a melody, or at least better production. This is closer to some kind of death metal grunge kind of thing that is no longer music and has degraded into a noise contest.

It's kind of hard for me to criticize specific portions of the song when the entire first 3 and a half minutes are literally just insane drums and random guitar riffs with horribly done, incoherent guttural... whatever the hell you call it. I did actually hear some sort of guitar solo at about 3:30, but it was completely out of tune and sounded like the guitar was dying. Actually this entire song sounds like its dying, but that part really managed to stand out in being utterly and completely horrible.

The production in this song is unbelievably terrible. You can't hear anything because the compression destroys everything, the drums become a giant mess, what is left of the guitar is clipped into nonexistence, and it's kind of like your ears are swimming through a giant pool of crap.


I need a gigantic bucket of brain bleach now.

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

Hmmm, I'm thinking of a way to respond to this...
I will admit, for this song, my EQing was poorly done, but this reason can be easily explained, as it probably can for any other of my songs with this bad EQing.
My computer is a POS, I have the money to get a much better one, and I will be very soon since it's the holiday season.
Elaborating on my POS computer, it runs on 512 MB of RAM, has a 40 GB hard drive, and is really old. It was made from used computer parts.
Because of my computer, I have to listen to 2 tracks at a time, which means that I EQ two tracks at once, otherwise it gets extremely laggy and you can't make out anything. I do usually render the piece and then see what issues lie from there, but it doesn't help a whole lot, and would be much better if I could just listen to all the tracks at the same time before rendering. But like I said, POS computer.
I personally really like this piece, and now that I think about it, yeah, there are some bad things about it. That doesn't neccisarily mean that it sounds like crap. It's still listenable, as seen from the reviews before this one. Also it depends on what kind of metal you listen to. This one in particular is DEATH METAL. Think about that.
To be honest, your review didn't help much at all, but thanks anyways.

{AD} Mystery {AD} Mystery

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Variation is Dead

Seriously, no one varies their drumloops anymore, which normally wouldn't bother me except the name of this genre is DRUM'n'bass, not REPETITIVE'n'bass.

This song is just way too repetitive; It's a 30 second intro followed by the exact same thing for an entire minute, followed by 20 seconds of transition into another minute of the exact same thing with an additional melody slapped on, followed by another 20 seconds of an ending melody transition, which then abruptly stops without any resolution whatsoever.

The first section needs drum variation and melody alterations. The transitionary part in the middle is very good, but the melody is only 2 bars long and simply repeats endlessly, it needs to be longer and have more variation in it. The ending was almost good except that you cut everything out and then landed on something other then the tonic, which is a big huge fat no-no.

The production in this is fairly good, but the song just isn't cutting it. Even as a DnB song, you don't put in any variation with your drum loops, with makes the whole thing a giant loop. The lack of creativity in this forces me to give this a very low score, since it's one of those songs that just doesn't have a soul to it.


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Fertile Grounds and Open Skies Fertile Grounds and Open Skies

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Judge Review: Too Damn Short

I never thought I'd say this but you actually do have bass problems in this song. The only bass hit is a single bass drum that lacks a steady beat and is off-putting. You don't need to increase the bass, simply put in an additional bass hit to stabilize the beat, otherwise it's just awkward. Doesn't really need to be that significant either, just a little low-frequency-only hit.

I'm going to ignore the genre here because in terms of a DnB song, this is extremely lacking. If its DnB, where is the drum variation? You have basically 3 drum patterns playing over and over in various layers, which is downright ridiculous for a DnB track. Ironically, the melodic structure here is superb. The chords are wonderful, and the strings beautifully executed. If this was simply an AMBIENT song, it'd be freaking amazing. You have some interesting synth use here and the instruments accompany each other very well.

The song is also, at its core, too damn short. At the time it cuts off, you should have put in a piano melody or something similar and taken advantage of the ambient nature of the track to provide a middle. Then you would have gone back to the starting idea and brought it to a proper climax. You still get a 7/10 though because I adore that melody. I like the vocals too.


SessileNomad responds:

thanks for the review, honestly though, i do have a hard time deciding where to put alot of my ambient/dnb tracks, in ambient or in dnb

also, drum variation isnt really somthing i hear alot of in dnb on NG, its mostly about the bass, most ppl just just like a constant running loop for their drums

agreed, its too short

glad you liked the vocals though xD

thanks for the review

peace out

Speeding Through Infinity Speeding Through Infinity

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sooooooooo cheeeeeeesyyyyyy

The synths in here are, unfortunately, painfully cheezy and overly phased. Ignoring that, the basic idea and melody here is actually fairly good, if a bit random. The drum sidechaining is also totally absurd, as is much of the FX, which doesn't usually help. Try to avoid such an extended outro where everything is so filtered out you can't even make it out anyway. The percussion samples all suck but that doesn't really matter at this point since the drum lines are horrible anyway. You've got the right idea on some of the addin percussion, but without a real drumline they do nothing to help the song.

Seriously though, the volume is just going crazy with all that sidechaining (although you likely don't know what that is, so its limiter abuse). Go read that EQing tutorial again. The piano solo is commendable, but it swaps into major key in an offsetting manner, so you still need to work on the melodies.

Also this entire song never actually uses a pad. Ever.

5/5 cuz 0 bombers suck.

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Step responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm new to the Fruity Love Philter so I just grabbed a preset phaser from it and used it; maybe I could turn it down a little... Yeah, the drums... I have them fixed - maybe not the best samples, but now they're in the background where they're supposed to be. As for the outro, maybe two repetitions is a little much, I think one'd do the trick. Yeah, I do know what sidechaining is xP. It's when one sound covers up the other whenever it plays, and it's usually used in hardstyle where the kick sidechains the saw. I think that's what it is anyway O.o. Yeah, I'll be adding a pad probably after the intro, and maybe in the ambient part too. I'll try and work on the piano solo too. Anyway, thanks again for the review and all of the constructive criticism - I'll be adding a V2 with more melodies, more fullness, some pads, a better piano solo, a better ambient part and calming down that phaser a little XD.

Sterio_Sun [Box-Killa] Sterio_Sun [Box-Killa]

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Isolated portions of this song are very, very good, but the other parts completely ruin the experience. The beginning drumloop is really awesome sounding, but its completely mono, which sounds very weird. You stick a sort-of-ok sounding melody on top of this and then proceed to throw around totally unnecessary FX that becomes very distracting.

Then at 1:36 you bump everything up one or two semitones for absolutely no reason at all. There is no transition, no warning, nothing. Its just OH HEY WE'RE IN A DIFFERENT KEY NOW WTF?! This is a baaaaad idea. People don't want songs changing keys randomly (I know this from experience). The melody at this point is still only so-so.

1:51 adds in a really nice additional percussive layer, and then at 2:17 the song becomes totally awesome for exactly 20 seconds and then you destroy it again with an ending that came way too soon.

Execution, poor. Production, superb. Melody, awesome for exactly 20 seconds and otherwise not particularly interesting. You seem to have this unending obsession with excessive random sounds that take away from the song because they fail to enhance the soundscape.


Cave Story War (Cave Story Remix) Cave Story War (Cave Story Remix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love you.

I actually keep trying to remix this song myself but I can never seem to do it justice. Clearly, I needed guitars. xD The most amazing part of this song is definitely the background piano near the last section leading up to the climax.

I can't really comment on whats "wrong" here because I don't listen to heavy metal... at all, really. I can say, however, that I would like to hear the melody take a stronger place in the mix, and maybe to lay off some of the power chords in favor of actually getting the chord progression itself to be heard, since its half the reason why the song is so amazing. Other then that, GO CAVE STORY.


rtnario responds:

Well, an epic boss theme like this would obviously sound incredible with fitting instruments. The .ORG format did sound great, but I think it needed something more =)

You're actually right about that; it's a complaint I've had from lots of other people who've listened to Cave Story War XD The main melody is pretty weak compared to the overwhelming powerchords...too late to fix that now, but still a lot of people liked it so ^^ The last part is also intentional and it's a thing of mine to (almost) always make songs end with an (awesome) bang.

Thanks for the review...again! Now you know that 8-bit isn't exactly my forte, but...=)

8-Bit Fireflies (Owl City Remix) 8-Bit Fireflies (Owl City Remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


What the FUCK is this doing with a score lower then 4.5? This song is absolutely brilliant. It's beautiful beyond words. It's done with 8-bit instruments, and yet it evokes such an incredible scene, and the audioscape is just masterful. There is no possible way that someone could do any better with 8-bit instruments on this.


brb submitting to newgrounds underdog list.

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rtnario responds:

ikr. You should've seen the entry score before the bombs fell XD Thanks so much for the review, and about the UnderdogList...I dunno, I'm probably a bit above an underdog, but way below being popular in NG (I think) ^^; Have you heard YuYu Metal? It's probably my most popular song as of now...

Thanks again!

~-Chrono Trigger-~ ~-Chrono Trigger-~

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Missing atmosphere

I like the melodic interpretations on this theme, and the actual song itself is done very well, but for most of the song its missing the atmosphere and it feels very empty. In particular, there need to be more tonic notes to establish the chords your using. The beats seem a little random too, plus there's little bits of clipping all over the place. Your stereo balance seems a bit off to the left, mostly because of the strings, and the instruments really never break out of the middle. The most glaring omission here is the fact that there is no reverb, and the lack of proper delay techniques. Without reverb, your songs sound flat.


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Cosmos8942 responds:

Mmm, yes, I can see exactly what you mean. But though I would prefer to fix this I no longer have the original file and am unable to easily copy what I have here as most of my pieces are done as spot of the moment deals. Meaning that if I tried to redo this one with everything you said it just wouldn't feel right. So I will have to leave it as is. But I do appreciate the feedback and will make sure to pay attention to everything you said should I go about making another remix of any sort.